Pre-workout meal

  1. Pre-workout meal

    I usually eat my preworkout meal about and hour and a half before i go to the gym then take my jack3d half an hour before the gym. I am trying to bulk up but also have some stubborn stomach fat i am trying to lose. What are some preworkout meals you guys suggest? what are some meals you guys eat before the gym? and how many calories/carbs/fat/protein should be in it?

  2. You aren't going to bulk and lose that stubborn patch of stomach fat at the same time.

    As far as pre-wo meal. That depends on what you've eating throughout the day before. I eat a chicken breast and whole grain flatbread with a scoop of natty pb about 3 hours before I lift. Then RPM 1.5 hours before or ASGT 45 min before gym time. But I also workout at night and that is my 5th meal of the day. I taper down the carbs throughout the day.

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