Fast Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

  1. Fast Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

    Breakfast is the weak point in my diet because I basically eat breakfast at my desk at work. Just needing some ideas on how to cut the carbs but still be mobile....I am very busy running kids to school etc in the morning so I need something I can fix before hand and carry with me to work.


  2. Cottage Cheese, Greek yogurt, stevia and PB. Maybe some sugar-free jelly.


    Protein shake, big handful of almonds.


    Homemade Protein bars using gluten, nut meals and eggs with your favorite protein.
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  3. liquid egg whites are your friend. what about packing glad/tuperware up the night before so in the morning you can just throw it in a bag and leave?

  4. Hard boiled eggs.

  5. Thanks. I am thinking about boiled eggs. I had not thought about liquid egg whites....I could scramble a bunch and put them in containers for the week.....they would be good in the fridge for a few days.

    thanks guys

  6. Sausage and scrambled whites (or whole egg) omelets. If ketoing, add in cheese! I also like to do ham and cheese omelets. Either can be made up a pan at a time, portioned into plastic tubes or bags, and refrigerated for the week.

  7. See I'm one of those wierd people who actually prefer meat for breakfast.

    I usually grill/pan grill me up some chicken breasts for dinner and leave the rest overs for break fast.

    However usually I just end up eating all of the chicken and during breakfast I'll make a 3 egg omelette with jalapenos/peppers/onions/iodine salt


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