Candida Overgrowth Problem

  1. Candida Overgrowth Problem

    How do I solve this problem? I am going on a low carb diet with low amounts of dairy for 3 months. My doctor gave me nystatin, which is supposedly not hard on the liver like diflucan. I also have enzymes - proteases and cellulase to break down build up in the intestines. I also notice I have a very alkaline saliva often. I tried supplementing with HCL but it did nothing really for the candida fatigue/hyperactivity other than make me burp afterwards.

    Any experience with candida? I am guessing I've had mine for 10+ years and it has just progressively increased in intensity to the point of eliciting adrenal stress and fatigue. Sometimes the condition builds up to kidney pain and abnormal sleep patterns and almost mimics sepsis. I need to remake my gut terrain.

  2. cut out grains entirely forever. elimination of gluten/yeast for at least 6 months usually does the trick for this. there is a lot of info about this on this paleo website i read,

  3. Do you have personal experience doing this? I have heard of people just going pure meat for 3 months and getting rid of all their symptoms. I've had mine for over a decade though they have escalated to the point of adrenal fatigue.

  4. i didnt have a candida problem but ever since ive gone paleo ive lost all my allergies and have been feeling 10 times better. read that site, it explains how the candida problems are brought on primarily because of the inflammation that grains cause.

  5. for adrenal fatigue there are some very good adaptogen herbs, ashwaghanda..theanine. dont take a statin there is a lot of talk about how s#itty they are for you



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