muscle cramps big time

  1. muscle cramps big time

    heres the skinny, i did an Epi cycle 30mg daily (with cycle support) and i drank roughly a gallon of distilled water a day throughout that time. I got back pump frequently and it seems in the mornings my legs were so incredibly stiff to the point were it would take a few minutes of stretching to stop the gimpness just to get out of bed and be active.

    now i've run into the issue of cramping ALL OVER. everything, every muscle that gets flexed will seize and cramp in that position. i can do my bedtime stretch and my calves will cramp. getting more graphic, my lats and obliques will cramp up while i reach around and wipe my ass. its horrible!

    any suggestions? i drink about 3/4 gallon water a day on average and i maintain a paleo diet mainly consisting of all i can eat fish/almonds/steak/asparagus

  2. Salt, potassium, maybe some magnesium. Sounds like you're low on electrolytes. With all the activity I get, I now purposefully salt all my food, including protein shakes. Green veggies, tomatoes, almonds and bananas are all great for potassium.

    And taurine should help with your back pumps
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  3. very good info, i could see that scenario. i sweat profusely during jitsu (my gi looks like i dipped it in the ocean and let it dry out..major salt rings) i drink loads of water everyday and stick to the same food day in day out.

    however i do eat loads of veggies, almost always fresh (tomatoes especially, eat em like apples with a dash of salt)
    but if they're canned i use the juice in whatever i'm cooking.

    which would be better? ninja'n my kids pedialyte, taking gatorade to training instead of water, or what would i need to change in my diet to gather the correct amount of minerals? again my daily food consists of loads of raw almonds, grilled talapia, grilled beef, grilled pork, bananas, apples, loads of broccoli/asparagus and tomato thats it..literally

  4. Gatorade could help, electrolyte tabs would be better as they typically provide a better sodiumotassium ratio.

    Eat raw avocado - tons of potassium and fits nicely into a paleo diet. Wild Caught Salmon would also be a good addition, as would sea salt.
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  5. electrolytes and more water should help.

  6. WHY ARE YOU DRINKING DISTILLED WATER? LOL we use that in chemistry class - but that will leech out every ******* nutrient and electrolyte in your body. Come on man... stick to spring water. This is so ridiculously obvious.


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