will i be set back alot ?

  1. will i be set back alot ?

    so i almost never drink alcohol, but the last 2 days some friends are in from out of town and i have seriously been drinking for the whole time, today is the 4th and i know today will be the same thing all over. Is three days of drinking really goning to set me back alot ? this is not something i do often. i might drink a few drinks once overy 3 months.

  2. You will be fine.
    You will probably feel like **** after 3 days on it! If you don't normally drink but your lifting shouldn't suffer. You might find your first couple of workouts area bit crap, but that will be cos you have a 3 day hangover........

    Drink lots of water, keep eating healthy, don't succumb to the late night greasy burger cos you will regret that!

  3. This article always sets my mind at ease when I decide to drink.

    Muscle Head's Guide to Alcohol

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