Indigestion effects on nutrient absorption

  1. Indigestion effects on nutrient absorption

    Let's say you eat a HUGE postworkout meal a little too fast and you feel overly full and kind of like your food is still in your stomach longer than it should be. Do these nutrients still get absorbed or does it not count?

  2. Theoretically, similar absorption rates should be obtained. The reason that you feel full longer with larger meals is that the pyloric valve closes, keeping undigested material in the stomach until it has been processed enough to enter the intestines and be absorbed through that pathway. So, while there may be some affect in nutrient uptake, your body has various processes (including hydrochloric acid up-regulation, the previously mentioned pyloric valve, and bacterial reactions in the intestines) that ensure you uptake as many nutrients as possible from any given meal.

    That is, at least, my take on the issue.


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