Pre/Peri/Post workout nutrition discussion

  1. Pre/Peri/Post workout nutrition discussion

    Hey everyone.

    The more reading I do , the more I've seen different protocols for para workout nutrition.

    For the longest time I've simply been doing

    30ish grams of malto
    30ish grams of dextrose
    5grams of creatine
    40ish grams of whey isolate

    Same as pre

    I could say it's been working but who knows, considering the rest of my diet is on point, I sleep enough and I train with intensity.

    For the longest time I've been stressing over my paraworkout nutrition however, because I know this is the most important time to fuel muscles.

    Has anyone used other sources of protein such as hydrolyzed whey or casein? How about peptopro? This is about paraworkout only, anyone want to share their experiences? At the end of the day, does it really make to much of a difference?

    Sorry guys , I still haven't had access to a gym in three weeks and I'm going insane with the posting on these forums

  2. Pre workout nutrition should be consisting of slow digesting carbohydrates, not sugars. A ratio of 2:1 carbs to protein has been shown in studies published by the ISSN to create a optimal anabolic profile post workout, & pre.

    Workouts lasting more than an hour benefit when 8oz of GES (glucose-electrolite solution) is consumed at aprox. 15min intervals thereafter.

    The type of protein really doesn't matter, but 6-20 grams of EAAs has been shown to increase anabolism when consumed with carbohydrates (remember in 2:1 ratio) 30-60 minutes prior & post workout. I personally would recommend free form aminos, but whey derivatives are effective as well.

  3. Hmm I was hoping for more people to chime in on this...

  4. pre workout you dont want sugars. sugars are high gi carbs, they wont provide you with sustained energy. a good pre workout meal ive found is simple oats and whey. low gi carbs, protein to get into your body fast. basically any low gi carb and protein will give you good amounts of long lasting energy.take the creatine with that if you want to take it both pre and post. that shake will work well post workout though. hope this helped.

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