the "180" diet

  1. the "180" diet

    So i was ridin shotgun on the way to the beach for the weekend. Picked up a magazine to read and it had a article called the 180 diet in it. I read it four times possibly. Im going to give it a shot and see what 60 days will do for me.
    the diet requires me to strip juice, pork, dairy, fast food, etc. out of my diet and only include - eggs, rye toast, fish, chicken, turkey, & oatmeal

    and only take in 180 g of carb per day

    i imagine i will get weaker at first but who knows might come out in beast mode

  2. Sounds pretty standard to what a lot of people on here already do, just with a gimmick - "180". It 100% works though. I try and hit 50/30/20 (p/c/f) in my daily macros which puts me at about 160-180g carbs. You can expand your diet past just those 6 items though b/c it'll get old really fast. Just make sure you're consuming complex carbs that are low glycemic, lean protiens, good fat (natty pb, EVOO, etc...) and fiberous greens. Same basis and principals as "180", just more variety.

  3. I read that article about 4 times myself. It involves eating 180 grams of carbs a day, then you drop it by like 50g per day until you get really weak, or stop losing or something. Then you bump it back to 180 and do the cycle again. Seem odd to me...keep us updated on how it goes 10bathrooms

  4. today was my first day for breakfast i had 4 boiled eggs and 4 thick cut slices of turkey breast. havent had my protein shake yet today but
    so far my carb intake counting my post work out creatine shake has been 58 g
    fat intake has been 21 g
    protein 42 g
    somewhere extremely close to that area.
    My chest, bicep, & tricep work out today was good
    had good pumps, good focus, good form

    im going to give you my strict chest and bicep and tricep workout and document on how well it changes over the next 59 days.

    chest,bi's, tri's

    + CHEST +
    140 lb.
    2 sets x 8 reps
    160 lb.
    1 set x 6 reps
    1 set x 6 reps
    1 set x 5 reps
    1 set x 4 reps = 6 sets total/ 37 reps total

    30 lb. dumbell
    2 sets x 15 reps
    40 lb. dumbell
    2 sets x 15 reps = 4 sets total/ 60 reps total

    5 sets x 25 reps = 5 sets total / 125 reps total

    + TRICEP +

    40 lb
    2 sets x 12 reps
    50 lb
    2 sets x 10 reps
    60 lb
    2 sets x 8 reps = 6 sets total / 60 reps total

    100 lb
    4 sets x 8 reps = 4 sets total / 32 reps total

    80 lbs
    4 sets x 7 reps = 4 sets total / 28 reps total

    + BICEP +

    50 lb
    2 sets x 8 reps
    70 lb
    2 sets x 5 reps
    90 lb
    2 sets x 4 reps = 6 sets total / 34 reps total

    30 lb
    4 sets x 8 reps left and right arm
    40 lb
    3 sets x 3 reps left and right arm = 7 sets total / 41 reps total

    30 lb dumbell
    2 sets x 6 reps l and r arm
    40 lb dumbell
    2 sets x 3 reps l and r arm = 4 sets total / 18 reps total

    im not going to reprint my whole work out only significant gains and losses willbe repeated and touched on.

    well bout to go feed myself, plain oatmeal maybe 2 scoops
    about 27 g of carbs in 1 scoop so im sure i will need to find something to do after that
    ill keep you posted on how the diet might change me and hopefully ill be able to put up a before pick later today
    - marking this as day 1 -

  5. did some extra ab work after the oatmeal.
    dinner was roast beef 2 slices 2 slices turkey breast
    and a whole mess of brusel sprouts
    feeling good. not full at all though.
    day 1 almost over
    wanna see how i feel after some rest
    before pic will be up later

  6. yesterday i worked out my back and shoulders and ab
    dumbell rows
    seated over head presses
    straight rows
    oblique cable crunches
    romanian sit ups ( broom stick assisted )
    i had broccoli and chicken breast for breakfast
    chicken breast with tomato chunks and sauce for lunch
    and a thin cut steak for dinnner
    along with some post creatine
    and i think i only dosed my protein one scoop

    today has been different. i woke up this morning, usually i am starving, but my appetite was gone. ive been up for almost 3 hours now and havent ate. im about to make myself eat something.. not sure what yet considering im at my girls house but i guess i have to put some type of carbs in my system.

    early symptoms
    3 days: loss of appetite
    3 days: energetic without a moderate carb intake so far
    3 days: have a dry feeling ( not sure how to explain ) but my pumps are coming quicker and my energy is lasting just as long but i have a bad feeling this will slowly diminish and ill be feeding off of every bit of energy i can find

    thumbs up on the diet so far, noticable diffrence in the lower abdominals
    the v area

    - pictures -
    black berry is bunk right now
    soon as it will let me upload pics again i will

  7. have a pic up later ... black berry still want let me upload so ill just send it to my email. wont be good quality but it will provide background for anyone whos reading this as to where im at and what im trying to acheive

  8. this pic was taking almost 3 weeks ago
    im using this for my before pic
    there has been difference made since this pic but only little.
    next will be an interval pic but im waiting untill i can show considerable difference in overall body composition and fat.

    apperciate any feed back.
    been following the diet as normal
    and sticking to my normal workouts
    hopefully by this friday i should have a pic showing major difference
    im dropping down to 100 grams this whole week
    maybe lower '


  9. oh yeah
    as far as progress has been for progress sake:
    I added a new supplement to my roster; Prime by USP

    labs. I started taking yesterday in attempt to get it in my

    system effectively as quick as possible. Im taking prime

    with a protein and a creatine.
    As far as the diet has been. Good! ( one exception )
    I cheated friday night. While at a party I ate two

    It doesnt bother me much because saturday morning i

    woke up and ran 3 miles only stopping twice.
    Thats was cardio.
    Later that day I did about an hours worth of push ups

    and crunches.( this was an off day )
    Over the next week im going to stop eating at 7:00 pm.
    Im going to take in up to 70% of my daily carb intake

    before I work out.
    The only post workout carbs I will consume is my post

    workout creatine and a protein shake blended with oats

    for extra carbs
    i plan on my carb intake being around100 grams or lower im thinking 80
    then next week i will jack it back up to 180

    thanks for all feedback


  10. does anyone know why it keeps removing my pic?


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