Shopping List Help!!!

  1. Question Shopping List Help!!!

    Reading all the recipe threads made me hungry!!! I need to go shopping after work(I work graveyards) and I wanted a little help with a solid shopping list. I know natty PB is gonna be on it, some chicken breasts, but help me with some ideas please, its that hour and im a little out of it at the moment. Thanks AM!!!

  2. Cottage Cheese, fish(canned, fresh, some frozen), red meat.

  3. Eggs
    Rice Noodles
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. uncured nitrate free bacon, organic eggs, grass fed beef, grass fed ground beef, garlic cloves, tomatoes

    oh wait thats just my breakfast lol

  5. Tuna, Flax Seed, Green Beans

  6. milk, almonds, salmon, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, beef stew meat, ribeye...

  7. Quote Originally Posted by TimberLakers View Post
    You'll want a marinade, they get pretty dry.
    Just inject.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by HereToStudy View Post
    You'll want a marinade, they get pretty dry.

  9. shrimp, any seafood really, yams, and everything else listed above...

  10. Hell yeah, I appreciate the answers. Mmmm I love marinated tampons the @sses.

  11. Just gotta point out that I go to the grocery store just about every goddamn day...

    Seems like even when I get a LITTLE low on something I love (sweet potatoes, steel cut oats, rice milk) I gotta go back and stock up... Like they are going to stop selling the sh*t or something... I had to buy a new shelf to store stuff.

  12. Anybody else eat black beans?

    I f'ing love them and eat 'em every day.

  13. Yep... Good sh*t man. Can't eat them every day, but they are definitely in my cabinet.

  14. Great with Cuban food.


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