overtraining no appetite

  1. overtraining no appetite

    i used to run 5 years and i wanted to loss more fat so i changed my diet
    more protein (no sweet at all) and started to swim to and hard , sudenly i experience sleep problems(1 hour for night) no appetite limping on my left leg and a lot of stress .
    i notice that when i drink coke(a lot of sugar) a get energy i can stand stright i have tone on my face i dont have the limping in the leg.
    if you think its not the right subject , you can move it
    my blood tests
    img340.imageshack.us/i/bloodtest.jpg/]Imageshack]Imageshack - bloodtest.jpg
    img412.imageshack.us/i/bloodtest2.jpg/]Imageshack]Imageshack - bloodtest2.jpg
    img295.imageshack.us/i/bloodtest3.jpg/]Imageshack]Imageshack - bloodtest3.jpg

  2. hmmp.. have you try to visit a doctor for insight?

  3. yes , a lot of them (they say everything is fix)
    nutritionist the give my diets that i can stand on my legs
    iam 90 kilo and i need 5 big rolls just stand on my legs

  4. another thing i forgot to mention is when i feel exhaustion in my head i drink sugar
    maybe the serotonin is going up

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