Hey please comment on my diet especially with regards to fat??

I have a very good work out schedule, just trying to bring my diet on par with what I am doing in the gym. I work out five days a week, I want to lean a little and spark some solid muscle gains. My diet atm is very weak, looking forward to change!! Should I expect to lean a little on this diet or is it more maintenance?? How much will a cheat day on Sunday affect my muscle gains?? I am 19, 5.7 and 160 pounds about 10% body fat (would like to get to 8% at 170)

1 Cup of oats
2 Scoops of whey

6 oz Tuna (serving of Mayo)
1 Cup of brown rice / whole grain pasta

6 oz Chicken Breast (serving of bbq sauce)
1 Cup of broccoli

1.5 scoops of whey
Cup of cottage cheese and pineapple

6 oz Lean mince or steak (serving of steak sauce)
x 2 Kumara (sweet potato)

8:30 Gym

2 Scoops of whey after workout


I have worked this out to about 295 grams of protein and about 2350 calories. Seem correct??