help with like to gain some weight

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    help with like to gain some weight

    I am just getting started with weight lifting and need some help with what i should be eating the most of. I have read alot about making sure you get proper protien carbs and fat in each meal. So what would everyone suggest i eat throughout the day. I also have two types of protein im going to start taking (whey protein with 60 grams protein and about 280 cals, and a mass gainer protein with i think 750 cals and 50 grms protein). I usually was taking the mass gainer in the afternoon then working out later at night and taking the whey after my workout. Is this good? should i take a shake in the morning and or one at lunch as well? I work 4 10 hr days and can only pack a lunch in a cooler. I work in construction and we dont go to the store or anything for lunch. I would like to know a good breakfast and good lunch to pack everyday. Im pretty picky but i am willing to make changes in order to eat better. I am 6' 3" and only weigh 175 lbs due to losing around 30 lbs in the past year from depression and not eating much ever. So its going to be hard to eat more and eat better at 1st but i need to start somewhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thank You.

  2. Welcome to AM spyder. I worked at a soap manufacturing plant last summer and only had a cooler worth of food everyday, but i learned how to make the best of it.

    Eggs, cheese, bacon bits, chopped green onions, and little pre-chopped ham cubes make a hell of a breakfast. Just scramble it all together and you can put salsa on it for a little more flavor if you want. I eat it every morning. Instant oatmeal is good as well because you can zap it in tupperware and put it in your lunch box.

    Since you work 4 10's im guessing you get two 15-20 min breaks and 1/2 hour lunch a day? If so then SPEND YOUR ENTIRE BREAK EATING! bring a couple NPB&J on whole wheat bread, almonds, peanuts, etc for fats. Beef jerky is great (but can get expensive) for protein and replenish sodium if you sweat alot at work. Bring whole grain tostitos chips, sun chips, anything that's not crappy potato chips that are basically fat and simple carbs. Gatorade is great for re-hydrating if you're working outside. Drink water like it's going out of style. Apples and bananas are good carbs to eat and aren't messy or anything. I wouldn't worry about bringing protein powders to work unless you really want to.

    For lunch grilled chicken breast and steak along with Ww pasta and brown rice is good.Be sure to eat veggies though. Boiled eggs are great. Tuna salad with Ww pasta. Or hell, buy hamburger helper and replace the pasta they give you with whole wheat and use 97/3 ground beef.

    If I were you i'd take the mass shake as a pre workout then the regular protein for post workout. Then eat real food as a final meal before going to bed.

    Hope that gets you going a little. Alot of guys on here work construction/travel alot so i'm sure they will chime in and help you out more.

  3. or if you dont have time to prepare and take like 3-4 meals with could split one serving of the mass gainer in two and just use them as two smaller meals. all you gotta do it get yourself some shakers.

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