2 questions...

  1. 2 questions...

    How many cans of tuna can you eat safely in a week? How many eggs with yolk are safe to eat daily? both are cheap sources of protein and I rely on them heavily so I'm jus wondering when is to much of a good thing....thanks for the response!!!

  2. Hmm. I eat at least 3 eggs a day. And pretty much a can of tuna a day. Good question though.



  3. I do about 8 eggs a day 5 or 6 times a week and I eat the large can of tuna maybe 8-9 times a week....my concerns are the mercury building up in my body from the tuna and the cholesterol in the whole eggs....hopefully one of the czars will chime in when they see this.....in the meanwhile I'm using the search system with no luck.......

  4. eating tuna wont cause super mecury levels in you. mediteranians eat fish every friggin day and have sex in their 80s. only time you have to worry about mercury in fish is if ur catchin it in your local canal or lake, now the eggs..i eat 3 a day if i have em and i usually eat one full , 1 just he white, and the other all the white and about half of the yolk. if your gonna eat that many eggs, definately IMO eat just the whites for half of them. you eat eggs for the cassien protiens not cholesterol so dont eat it.



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