Natural Prolactin Inhibitors?

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    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to MakaveliThaDon again.
    LOL, its the thought that counts bro! Appreciate it.

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    good info bro. controlling estrogen is also one of the best ways to control cortisol as well. Progesterone is actually derived from pregnenolone, as well as most of the other major hormones. I'm not sure what this has to do specifically with this topic, but I'll post this up for anyone interested in seeing a chart of the exact pathway that steroidal hormones take in the body, I find it quite interesting...

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    So, beyond the fact that cortisol and estrogen are both lipid based hormones, and share a common preprohormone....can you provide evidence that estrogen or high estrogen levels leads to an increase in cortisol?

  3. Does testofen increase prolactin?

  4. Anything out there that will destroy my refractory period?


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