anyone ever get colitis? large intestine issues?

  1. anyone ever get colitis? large intestine issues?

    ok so it all started when I got a bad sinus infection. it ended up giving me pink eye so I had to go to the doctor. she gave me amox/augmentin 875 mg time release to take twice a day for the sinus infection and some drops for the eye.
    the antibiotics course went ok, got indigestion/diarea but i was handling it fine. the problems started 3 days after the antibiotics were done. i started getting bad cramps throughout the day and very liquid stoool. i called the doc, told my symptoms and verified it was a form of colitis. a mild to moderate case because i wasnt bleeding out of my a$$ or needed to be hospitalized. now all this got better from diet/rest and stool got solid but then it relapsed and now im in a proccess of getting better again.

    i read online that the relapse was very possible. has anyone ever have this happen to them? i dont wanna take any more meds, they killed all my good bacteria to begin with. im just starting to worry about my colon because its been irritated for 3 weeks now, not counting the antibiotics course. doctor said all he can do is give more antibiotics to kill the infection. im taking probiotics, eating greek yogurt, tons of fruit, tonite im gonna buy some herbs that i heard help, marshmallow root and slippery elm bark. if anyone has any advice id appreciate it. i already lost 15 lbs and i was very lean to begin with.

  2. fiber is important,

    do not eat seeds, strawberries, or apples with skin as some of those things can get stuck in the ulcers,

    i reccommend taking in more zinc, vitamin C, fishoil, evening primrose oil and extra protein.

    this is not very uncommmon its similar to crohns but works a little differently in terms of how deep and where the ulcers are.

    try and stay away from the proinflammatory foods as well.

  3. the only thing is that this is anti-biotic caused and not ulcerative, even though who knows what kind of shape my insides are after these past 3 weeks

  4. how about papaya enzyme those are good too for ya
    ~ IRON LIVERô________ *[It's just advice man, that's all it is! You can take or do whatever the FCUK you wanna do!]

  5. oo thanks im gonna go to vit shop today im gonna check it out

  6. Even if not ulcerative you need to stay away from pro inflamatory foods. Get a colonoscopy and see what's really going on


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