How much epa and dha do you need for joint support?

  1. How much epa and dha do you need for joint support?

    I get carlson cod liver oil ever month. It usually lasts about 25 days, because I take double the serving size. The EPA value is 1,100 mg per serving. I can't remember the Dha amount. Anyway I was wondering, if I really needed to double the serving. If I didn't double the serving size it would last 50 days instead of 25 and the bottle cost around $27. I might try to find a cheaper solution, like fish oil caps, but honestly the ones I see are around the same prize for the money, or it's really cheap fish oil with a bunch of junk added in. I was looking to save some money on fish oil, because I really want to try out PowerFull. Although if I don't get this new job I won't be able to try it.

  2. I use Twin Labs Cod Liver Oil. It has a heavier taste but is more reasonably priced.

  3. Thanks a lot man, I appreciate it.


    I dose those 6 a day.. Definitely helps.. i use to take about 3 a day with different caps, but went bulk and upped dosages and could tell a big difference..

  5. A tbsp a day of fish oil will serve you well. I personally take 2 a day.



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