Lean mass diet

  1. Lean mass diet

    I was wondering something. If I were to limit my carbs to >100g complex, and minimize fats to >20g monounsats, with a 1.5g per lb of body weight protein intake, would this diet burn fat and build lean mass simultaneously?

    I figure if I minimize fats and carbs, work out at an intense rate, do 30min cardio 4 times a week, and take a multi, creatine, mass fx, and 6bromo...ill burn off the fat while maintaining or building lean muscle mass. Could this work?

  2. No it will not.

    The diet you have laid out, for someone at your weight, only gives you roughly 1600 cals a day. There is no way to build lean muscle with that many calories. You would actually lose a great deal of muscle mass with so few calories.

  3. Correct. It will not work.

  4. what do i do to add lean mass while burning fat? can i jack up to 2700 cals a day, with like 70% of those calories coming from protein in whole foods? Like I just eat chicken and white fish all day, with some omega3, and a can of mixed veggies?

  5. Take anabolics. At 5'11 173lbs you have a lot of muscle to add on. Work on that slowly and you shouldn't add much fat. In my opinion, having more muscle at the same bodyfat always looks better. 15% at 160 looks much worse than 15% at 220.



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