Blood Work Came Back

  1. Blood Work Came Back

    Blood work came back.
    Test levels and IGF1 levels are normal again, so I'm clear to give it another run. Estrogen is a little low, but that's because I started my estrogen blockers too soon (being precautious). Doctor said to ease up on the blockers this time around.

    Check this out though.
    Doctor said my diet is too clean. I am low in one section of cholesterol (they break it down into 3 sections) and apparently you need to have oil in your food. I don't cook with oil, at all. Not even olive oil, grape seed, etc. but I guess you do need some in your diet.

    My insulin is low. She said I don't eat enough sugar. Which she's right. I don't eat sugar at all except for a couple dabs in my oats in the morning. Your body needs sugar.

    So, not like anyone cares about my blood work. Just saying, I guess too clean is a bad thing too so mix it up a bit. Super clean isn't good either. Time to add oil and sugar to my diet. Go figure...

  2. thats pretty crazy. thanks for taking the time.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  3. damn, ive been eatin basically the same way that you have. Dont seem right but i guess ill have to throw some of that stuff back in to it as well. Thanks for the info bro

  4. Sugar isn't needed but fats/oils definitely are.

  5. if you eat fruits and grains your sugar shouldnt be low, but yes good fats are necessary. natty pb, oils, nuts.. All good.

  6. I'd be curious to know what your glucose and insulin levels actually were. Personally, I would tend to doubt that you need to consume more (table) sugar. Having a relatively low insulin level should be good -- less strain on the pancreas, lower risk of developing diabetes.

    As for the lipids (cholesterol) levels, what was the HDL? Generally, a high level of HDL, especially the HDL2 sub-fraction, is desirable, since this supports reverse cholesterol transport -- back to the liver -- and cleaner arteries.

    I'm no doctor, though, and this is simply my own musings.

    Glad you posted; this kind of thing brings up interesting points.

  7. Pretty sure clean doesn't = no fat. Essential Fatty Acids are called "Essential" for a reason.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jakjak View Post
    Pretty sure clean doesn't = no fat. Essential Fatty Acids are called "Essential" for a reason.
    Absolutely. I think people hear the word fat and run the other way.


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