Is this poor circulation?

  1. Is this poor circulation?

    Last few months my body feels like I'm burning and my hands and feet are cold all the time, tried taking my temperature and its normal but this is really annoying. I have tried many supps that supposedly increase blood flow without much success and i don't have a sedentary lifestyle either. I also have borderline low testosterone and I'm thinking it might be hot flashes. I know it sounds stupid but do you guys think it might related to something else?


  2. Possible.

    You could also try getting your thyroid levels checked.

  3. Are you a smoker?

    I kicked the habit about 2.5 years ago. It wasn't helping me meet my goals. This used to be a common problem for me. Cold hands and feet most of the time. It went away probably 6 months or so after I kicked the habit.

    A stack you could try for better blood flow...

    Garlic, Cayenne, Ginger Root, and Ginko Biloba.

    Just take the recommended dosages and it should give you an idea whether or not poor blood flow is the culprit.

  4. Your sympathetic nervous system is overactive. too much sex-weightlifting- etc. Look into a supplement by Nutri-Spec called Complex S. Take 2 before bed. Otherwise see a nutri spec practicioner and get your metabolism tested for imbalances causing this. Also check for yeast.

  5. 1) Your sympathetic nervous system is overractive. I recommend a supplement by Nutri-Spec called Complex S twice nightly before bed.
    2) Your gut intestinal lining is compromised. Drink lots of raw goat's milk and stay away from unnatural foods and fruit in excess.

    These two issues are obviously related. Your sympathetic nervous system is firing because your gut is imbalanced. You are in the beginning of auto toxicity and your T levels will drop below 300 if you do not follow this advice and do more research on fixing leaky gut. Food is absorbing improperly. Do not get on scrip testosterone.

    If you let this go on there will be consequences.


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