Inflammation / omega-3's ?

  1. Inflammation / omega-3's ?

    I've been dealing with tendonitis for a couple years now. Its being a pain to get rid of, mainly in my shoulders. I know i eat way too much omega-6 compaired to omega-3. Would it be ok if i continued to eat the way i do with meats, milk, peanut butter and every thing else like that as long as i greatly increase my omega-3 intake? And could the large amounts of omega-6 i eat be hindering the recovery of my tendonitis because of the inflammation it can cause or be causing me to get tendonitis easily?

  2. Omega 6's are present mostly in the refined, nutrient sparse foods that are typical of the American diet, like white refined bread. Omega 3's are less present because they are derived from quality foods like fish and flax, which Americans for the most part dont eat enough of. The ratio of Omega 6 to 3 has been linked to the obesity epidemic and has been sometimes described as 80:1. It has nothing to do with tendonitis.

    Fish oil, on the other hand, is what helps with inflammation; Fish Oil is made up of mostly Omega 3's. It also has a host of other benefits. Clean up your diet, add in 10g of Fish Oil a day, and also try Glucosamine. ART or scar tissue therapy can also help a great deal, especially with rotator cuff problems.

  3. Omega 3 is your best friend for inflammation, take Krill Oil bro, its literally best form of fish oil you can get based on actual documentation. If anyone tells you something else is because they don't know much about krill. Do some research on Krill oil, you will thank me bro.

  4. Thanks for the advice guys its much appreciated. And i do have chronic tendonitis in my right rotator cuff, but i found out recently that i have a partial seperation on my left clavical at the AC ligament. So i dont know where i'll go from there. PT didnt really help with pain, in either shoulders. So i have to see a specialist and i was told i'll either have to get surgery or they might not b able to repair the seperation and i'll have to live with it.

  5. Try to keep them in balance, if you're having too much omega 6 then supp with omega 3



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