Sweet taste in mouth

  1. Sweet taste in mouth

    hey guys i moved to the US from the Philippines, i started to have this sweet taste in my mouth a month later..

    back in the philippines i ate rice with almost all my meals..
    here in the US, my intake of carbs has greatly decreased, but i still do eat carbs..

    im just wondering if this would be the reason for the sweet taste in my mouth.

    the supplements im taking are asteroid stack, whiteflood, greenmag, and torrent.

    can someone give me some insight? could any of the supplements be causing this sweet taste in my mouth?

    could these supplements cause diabetes or something? :S

  2. First thing that I thought of when I read your subject line was a blood sugar-related symptom.

    I found this online, don't know if it helps:


  3. I was getting the same thing for a while. I assumed it was from the green mag b/c it had a taste to it similar to the supp. Is the taste there first thing in the morning or just the rest of the day after you take supps?

  4. sometimes i'd get it all of a sudden, but most of the time after my workout is when the sweet taste is at its strongest..

  5. after drinking my PWO



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