Keto questions

  1. Keto questions

    I remember reading that on the Keto diet, it was ok to have a small portion of carbs in your PWO shake (15-20) as long as that was all you had as far as carbs went for that day. What seems to be the concensus now that some of you guys have had more experience with it?

    Also, I've always read that it was bad to consume fat after a cardio session. What are your post-cardio shakes/meals looking like w/ Keto?

  2. Protein shake made w/ almond milk & Natty PB...

    Around 10-12 carbs or so I would say...

  3. 15g worth of ground (blender) oats is not acceptable w/ this diet?

  4. No fat post workout. If the only carbs including trace carbs is under 30 for the day you should be fine. I think its best to reserve those carbs for green veggies.

  5. Carbs are fine, what you are worried about is spiking your insulin which will knock you out of that ketogenic state.

  6. So Hydrowhey is a bad idea too, then?


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