No motivation

  1. No motivation

    100g Carb 20g Protein and still yawning moping around gym.. Any ideas?

  2. 100g of carbs is enough to give me yawns too. Why so much carbs? Before? Are they all dextrose/malto?

  3. Nah. Complex 1 hour before hand. I don't like sugars right before my workouts; they make me crash.

  4. maybe look into getting a pre workout drink

  5. less carbs, add a pre workout drink of some kind (Stim or non stim) and BCAA's throughout workout

  6. ^^what he said

  7. have you recently finshed a ph/ps or aas cycle, i know that durring pct and a little after i loose all motivation

  8. Do you have any solid goals? Lack of goals always drops my motivation.
  9. Unhappy

    I just started smoking again... Probably why..
    Super stressed out. Lifting has been put in the backseat..

  10. Quote Originally Posted by killamac27 View Post
    100g Carb 20g Protein and still yawning moping around gym.. Any ideas?
    super pump 250!!


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