Some questions about GI

  1. Some questions about GI

    I`ve been reading about GI, dieting, etc, to try to change some things and take more benefit from my food intake and training. But I have a lot of doubts by now and didn`t find the answers:

    1) Is there and "average" lapse of time high and low GI foods hits and stays in the body? I mean, if there`s excess, it may be stored as how can I know when I`m in need of eating low GI food again (let`s say I had it in long would it last?)

    2) How can I know the amount of carbs from Low GI food I need for maintaining glucose levels stabilized? Trial and error?

    I had one more question bot can`t remember it right now (I`m in a hurry)..haha...will edit when I remember.

    Thanks in advance! And sorry if I made some dumb question!

  2. The Best Reading of that!

  3. You're worrying too much about the details. GI is a flawed system. You should read up on glycemic load, not glycemic index. Also, adding in mixed meals such as adding protein and or fat with your meal will completely skew the GI of a food. Why are you so worried about this anyways?

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