Help with my carb cutting diet?

  1. Help with my carb cutting diet?

    Okay guys. Summer is coming up... The ladies are getting in heat.... And it is time for me to get that ripped look. I know the most important part about losing body fat is diet. That is why i want to get this right first before i get much into the workout... Which basically im gonna keep my compound lifts the same. Heavy ass weight until failure. usually 4-6 range. And just change my cardio to a HIIT stylistic fashion. Anyways, thats a different story. Back to the diet. I have tried many other styles of diets, but have not tried the carb cycling diet. Or something call it keto maybe? Anyways, I just wanted to see if this simple little diet i made would be efficient for something like that. Anyways, heres the stats:

    Cals Fat Protein Carbs
    8 Oz lean chicken breast- 260 2 g 54 g 0 g
    3 eggs- 213 15 g 18 g 0 g

    2 scoops myofusion protein 315 6 g 50 g 10 g

    8 Oz lean chicken breast- 260 2 g 54 g 0 g
    3 eggs- 213 15 g 18 g 0 g

    2 scoops myofusion protein 315 6 g 50 g 10 g

    8 Oz lean chicken breast- 260 2 g 54 g 0 g
    3 eggs- 213 15 g 18 g 0 g

    Total 2049 63 g (15.7%) 316 g (79.1%) 20 g (5%)

    I would do that everyday for 7 days and then one day carb up. Hopefully eating good carbs like brown rice and such to keep the bloat down. Anyways, I was just wondering if this looks like something efficient enough to start with? I know everyones different and what might work for one, might not work for the other. But i just needed to know if i was in the right direction. Thanks in advance.

  2. I'm not an expert on ketogenic diet, but I know that if you're body is in ketosis, it starts using fats as energy instead of carbs. This means you'll need to eat way more than 63g of fat if you want to be able to pick up those weights in the gym or even be able to walk from your car to the gym door. Search the boards and look for some sample keto diets. I'm sure they're out there.

  3. Should i just add in some almonds with every meal to add strictly fats?

  4. Like I said, I'm not an expert on Keto, but almonds have carbs in them as well, so make sure you count that. I would think macadamias are your best bet b/c they're highest in fat w/ relatively low carbs. You can also use macadamia butter and oil, and definitely throw some EVOO in there as well. Maybe cook the chicken w/ 1 tsp EVOO each meal, which will add 14g fat each meal. You're gonna burn yourself out on chicken and eggs though, so I would switch out chicken in the morning for bacon or sausage too. Then cook the eggs in the bacon fat to get some extra fats in ya! Eat some salmon a few times a week. Great source of good fats. You can eat salads with EVOO and vinegar. Cheese is a good source of fat and protein too w/ low carbs.

  5. natural PB (high fat cal %, protein, low carbs since no sugar added)
    Leafy greens
    Mac Nut Oil
    Coconut Oil (MCT, good for test, skin)
    Beef (don't get the lean kind duh)
    Mayo (put on everything lol)
    Coconut Milk (65% fat cals from MCTs, great for making protein shakes)
    Almonds, peanuts, nuts in general (great snack)
    Fiber supp

    That should be your grocery list.

    You need to consume at least 65% fat cals and almost no carbs to be in ketosis.
    You will lose alot of weight, but also alot of gyocgen. You will feel tired alot so caffeine might be needed.

    Shake = Whey + casein + coconut milk + coconut oil or mac nut oil + BCAAs + fiber
    Save bacon grease and use it to make scrambled eggs.
    Throw in some greens like broccoli if you are not full yet.

    1 cup of almonds

    Grilled chicken breast salad w/ avocoado
    Simple EVOO, red wine, salt and pepper dressing

    Same protein shake as the breakfast one + egg yolks
    1 cup broccoli
    1 cup almonds

    Post work out:
    Whey + casein in water
    Grapefruit maybe

    Meat + greens + EVOO

    Bedtime snack:
    4% fat cottage cheese

    Something like that.
    You need to maintain high protein intake so you don't lose too much muscle. You need to supplement fiber to stay regular. Keep water intake high. Get like a gallon jug and put some Xtend in there.

    EC stack plus Keto would be nice I think...



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