Rate my protein blend

  1. Rate my protein blend

    I trying to make a mock metabolic-drive mixture for the V-diet

    EWP 20%
    WPI 30%
    MPI 20%
    MC 30%

    Still trying to work on a carb mixture to go with it,dunno yet..suggestions please.

  2. Looks good as an MRP Shake.
    Whats your the protein blend for?
    For Post Workout I would definitely suggest to go with straight WPI.

    Also, MPI is whey and casein at a ration of 1:4.
    So you could just go for:
    EWP 20%
    WPI 35%
    MC 45%

  3. It basically is an MRP. This is for the V-diet i want to do soon. Biotest insists that you use there supps. for this diet,the only problem with that is for 1 month on this diet with the biotest supps. it comes out to 600$ for me....yeah right,like that is going to happen. So instead i am buying all my supps. including the protein,in bulk.

  4. It should be ok. I'm no expert but just finished week 1 of V diet. I am using vanilla nutrapro and LG choc lipotropic. For carbs I'm just adding some yogurt.

    Definitely get some probiotics. And some fiber. To help break up the shakes, I have 2-3 mixed as sludge pudding. Per mix them for my lunchbox and you sort of feel like you are actually eating something. The only bad part is funky ads breath that's worse than keto breath.

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