What carbs do I cut out? and what are the good carbs I need to put in?

  1. Question What carbs do I cut out? and what are the good carbs I need to put in?

    Ok so I am trying to figure out a good nutrition plan to help me in losing weight. I've been told to cut out the bad carbs, and out in good complex carbs....would love to do that if i knew what exactly was bad and what is good. Can anyone give me a general list of bad carbs I should cut out of my diet, and what good complex carbs should I put into my diet. Thanks for any help!


  2. As a rule of thumb remove processed food and simple carbs (sugars etc)

    Put in fresh food, lean meat, fresh veg, good fats and complex carbs.

    Brown rice, wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, quinoa, oats
    Carrots, green veg etc
    Lean meat & fish - chicken, lean steak, tuna, salmon
    Natural yoghurt, cottage cheese, milk
    Nuts, olive oil, oily fish (you need good fats in your diet too)

    I use fitday.com to work out my cals and make sure I geta good balance.

    I try to get 40% of my cals from carbohydrate, 40% from protein and 20% from fat. Fitday will show this as a pie chart once you have put your food plan in.

    Good luck

  3. Sorry I'm double posting - so answer your question of bad carbs to cut out........

    Sugar - excessive fruit juice, sweets, chocolate etc
    White bread
    White rice and pasta aren't so bad - purists will say only eat wholemeal pasta and brown rice but I have never really noticed a big difference.
    No white bread though - its full of crap and missing all the goodness of wholegrain.

    Alcohol - not strictly a carbohydrate, but has nearly as many calories per gram as fat, has no nutritional value, upsets the way your body processes real food, dehydrates you, oh and makes you crave greasy food which is never good.

    I'm not saying don't drink, but cut it down to once a week or once a month and don't go overboard. and dont chase it down with a doner kebab

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