Increasing calories during PCT? What and when?

  1. Increasing calories during PCT? What and when?

    I've read an article that states you should increase your daily calories by 500 - 1000 during PCT to ensure minimal loss of gains.

    Is this written in stone, and if so, what should I be adding (more protein or carbs) and is there any "quick cheats" as I already seem to eat a lot.

    My typical diet whilst on h-drol cycle is:

    5.15am - piece of wholemeal toast & 40g protein shake

    8am (post workout) banana and 40g protein shake with oats

    8.30am 2/3 cup of porridge with 300ml skimmed milk and a cup of mixed berries

    10.30 - turkey steak in wholemeal pitta with lettuce

    11.30 - 40g protein shake

    2pm - post cardio workout 20g protein shake

    2.30 - "lunch": either chilli & salad or bolognese and 50g wholemeal pasta

    4pm 150g greek yoghurt & honey

    6pm - 1 pitta with some houmous

    7.30 - dinner: chicken salad or fishcakes & rocket or homemade burgers with spinach

    10pm - 100g cottage cheese.

    Not sure of total calories but around the 3000+ mark, is it necessary to add more calories and what?


  2. that a good diet just keep eating the way your eating and you will get good gains.....its good to wake up when your sleeping at night and make a protien shake when on a ph cycle

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