5 day headache after squats....

  1. 5 day headache after squats....

    In the past I have gotten headaches after doing heavy lifts, I assumed I was just not breathing correctly while straining hard...

    5 days ago now, I was doing sets of 6 with 315 on squats. On the last set I went to failure and needed a lil spot comin up. I got this headache again, but it has not gone away....Its a pounding headache on the right side.

    I went to the docs and he gave me some mild painkillers and said we have to wait a week to see what happens. Im in Iraq so a CT Scan is out of the question...

    It really sucks and Im pretty bummed, I took two days off from the gym and nothing. Workouts have been sub par and I have excluded squats and deads from my routine completely for now

    I know some time off would be beneficial but I just ran a havoc cycle 25days ago and I really dont want to lose everything so Im still training, just light took all stims out of my routine.

    I guess Im just looking to see if anyone else has ever had anything like this? Super bummed, thinking maybe I pinched a nerve in my vertebrae...

  2. either pinched nerve or u couldve popped a blood vessel if u didnt breathe

  3. could be a pinched nerve, but sounds weird if it is. Is the pain "in your brain" or Beside your brain, or on your brain...(dumb sounding questions, but there are reasons)

    IF you did blow a blood vessel, a week is a Flipping dumb amount of time. You could have an aneurysm, which is can be potentially life threatening, or life altering. Screw your gains man, drop all weight and use very low maintenance weight, maybe high reps, and avoid major cardio outside of your job requireing it.

    You know if my heart for some reason starts to go, they got machines for that. If you screw up a lung, you got 2, if you mess up a kidney, you got 2, even your liver can repair itself over time. And all of these can have transplants done. But when I feel something in my brain, its full breaks time. Because something goes wrong there, and life changes....period.

    So take it easy, and keep up with a doctor.

  4. It is more outside my brain...

    Yeah im starting to worry about the blood vessel now, I went in today and told them im booking a flight to get checked out, it is starting to worry me. They helped me out and I have an appointment for a CT scan tommorrow, also said i might need a lumbar puncture...super excited....

    Well wish me luck, hopefully its just a strain or something

  5. damn that sucks, hopefully u heal, i hate freaking head aches
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