New to Cutting, Diet Plan Help/Tips?

  1. New to Cutting, Diet Plan Help/Tips?

    18 Years Old
    Body weight: 190lbs
    Body fat: Roughly 10% (Not totally sure) I can see some ab definition
    Trying to get cutup for summer and maintain muscle, I have a pretty high muscle mass for my age, bench about 350, squat 500+, deadlift 375+

    6 egg whites mixed with brocolli and onions
    Cup of green tea
    fish oil

    Mid Morning
    Scoop of Whey Protein
    Apple or Pear

    Piece of grilled chicken mixed with lettuce and topped off in garlic and olive oil

    Mid day meal//Preworkout meal
    Can of Tuna (about 70 calories and 18 g of protein)
    1 piece of whole wheat bread
    Scoop of whey protein
    Cup of green tea

    No Shotgun
    Intra Workout
    Sizeon (Pre Contest)

    I usually workout for a solid 1 hour to 2 hours pretty heavily

    2 Scoops Whey Protein in water
    A TSP of Smuckers all natural Peanut Butter
    A fruit of some kind

    Grilled Chicken with a sweet potato

    Evening Snack
    Greek yogurt (1 cup)
    a tablespoon of natural pb

    Before bed
    1 Scoop Casein in skim milk

  2. Your diet looks solid. There's really nothing in there that isn't clean. Personally, I think if you have no problem eating what you need to eat to get the job done, you can lose the fruit and you would mildly benefit from it. It's not really hurting your diet though. You will want to add up your macros, ie: calories, protein, carbs, and fats to see where you're at. This way you can gauge your results and know where the sweet spot is for you, which will be helpful for future cuts, recomps, bulks.

  3. Okay, thanks alot for the help. I'm new to the whole "bodybuilding thing". I just kind of lifted and ate whatever but I want to change that and cut for the summer then bulk back up after. I'll be dropping the fruits and sticking to everything else. Thanks a lot bro

  4. Nice diet Bro,

    you dont mind if i rip off some of your diet..=P I'm finishing up diet tweaking and yours looks pretty damn good!

    now I can get balance.. looks like i got competition =P good luck with your diet and if we can feed off eachother let me know i'll do what i can to help with ya cut as well.

    Lets Burn the fat brotha!

  5. haha thanks a lot man, i tried to put together what i saw from so many people and what's "popular" amongst people, i just need to figure out my total calorie intake and all that stuff because i havn't done that yet and i know thats really crucial for not only cutting but bulking and maintaining

  6. indeed! Damn summer came to quick and my ass fall off the bandwangon lol

    lets rock n roll with the fat shredding!

  7. haha yeah i'm just as pumped as you


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