meal/ in between meals

  1. meal/ in between meals

    I dont like tuna very much but anyone who loves to lift and diet knows it can be a huge benefactor to eat it. So recently either for lunch or in between meals i have been eating a can of tuna,on 100 calorie whole wheat bun, with 3 slices of turkey breast, and top it off with a dot or two of franks red hot. What do you guys think any good?? Specially as far as nutrition goes? If i eat this for a meal i will also drink a shake with it just an fyi.

  2. anyone?

  3. yea i also drink three protein shakes a day....

  4. Tuna is awesome man, I get the packets instead of the cans cuz its easier, not sure how healthy it is.

  5. 2 cans Tuna + 1 cup brown rice + hot sauce = greatness

  6. Just run the macros to see how it fits into your diet/goals. Nothing wrong with any of that though.

  7. Try to spice that tuna up if it's tasting bland. If you don't mind a few extra pounds use mayo and a little white pepper, salt, mustard, worchestershire, and hot sauce.


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