Does drinking soda hinder your gains?

  1. Does drinking soda hinder your gains?

    Basically same as the title.

    Does drinking soda hinder your gains?

  2. I don't see why it would, unless by gains you mean cuts.

  3. I don't know if soda winder hinder your gains but it sure wouldn't help you.
    Why not just drink water? Thats what your muscles want. All soda does is dehydrates you.
    Just my .02
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  4. water is always better than soda, in my experience

  5. Quote Originally Posted by onedrunkduck View Post
    water is always better than soda, in my experience
    well yeah. obviously your body needs water. but to answer the question, soda won't hinder your gains unless cutting, like intheflesh said. just make sure you're drinking a lot of water as well.

  6. It wont directly hinder gains, in fact it would help keep (bad) weight on. This being said its got a few chemicals you dont want period, and a crapload of sugars.

    I avoid soda now 99% of the time save an occasional drink if it is really needed to get through a shift and I cant get a monster or the sorts.

  7. I drink maybe 1 soda every 4-6 months ...

  8. Phosphoric acid in soda will bind to calcium, decreasing/halting its ability to be absorbed.

  9. Soda = death

    or just the devolpment of some cancers, diabetes, and heart disease

  10. Soda? why? yuck. And peace to your insulin sensitivity if you drink a good amount- not conducive to gaining muscle...but very conducive to gaining blubber as we all know. Most "juices" out there arent much better, I only drink juice (100%) perhaps in the morning or pre/intra/post workout when I'm trying to spike insulin, and with juice you don't worry about preservatives, chemicals etc like nasty ass soda. Fresh squeezed juices- those are healthful regardless as long as liquid calories is not a concern for you. Prolly **** in soda we don't even know about thanks to FDA labeling laws. Lol, my buddy in high school insisted he felt much more of a difference in his sports performance from quitting drinking soda than quitting cigarettes, who knows haha but statement has always stuck out in my mind, I've never LIKED soda much though thankfully so it's not hard to steer clear. Thats my 2 cents but enjoy life if it's really a treat to you then drink some here n there! Beer n liquor is counterproductive to gains but most of us who drink to any extent are gonna toast a beer/shot here n there through life


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