Lack of Sleep and late training

  1. Lack of Sleep and late training

    My up and coming work schedule is going to mean some really long hours, going to the gym after a grueling 12 hour shift at 20.00-21.00 at night and then sleeping for 4-5 hours whilst on a bulk ( Crazy I know) now we all know how important rest is for growth, repair, testosterone/gh secretion etc... I do not want to stop the gym as this will be going on for a while, has anyone been through similar circumstances, how was your experiences did you grow, could you sleep after training that late and with the body being able to adapt to most circumstances will going to the gym do more harm then good? Before you ask yes I am looking for another job, thats dedication right there!

  2. Try melatonin to help get you to sleep, i've also heard that it significatly increases gh secretion from a men's health magazine, but this is most probably related to the sleep benefits. Also, i've read that 2 hours after exercise the internal body temperature cools down which makes it an ideal time to get to sleep... Needless to say your not going to grow as much as you would with optimum sleeping hours, but i'd reccomend not lifting more than every other day, take melatonin or another healthy sleep aid, no preworkouts, especially if they have caffeine, and try to time your workouts 2 hours before bed time. Also, try to throw in occasional naps if at all possible. Best of luck, I strongly beleive you can still grow plenty... Oh, and make sure nutrition is on point too... If your tearing muscle fibers and have good nutrition your gonna grow, even with poor sleep.

  3. I work on the mine sites in North Western Australia, which means 2 weeks of 12.5hr shifts, (1 week of days in +40 degree celsius temps, 1 of nights), so I know what you're dealing with.

    You can still grow, just a bit slower. I think the main issue is motivation to get to the gym after busting your a** all night. Like Enjineer said, nutrition has to be spot on, and steal naps whenever you can.

    Good luck

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