Before bed bulking snacks or meals?

  1. Post Before bed bulking snacks or meals?

    Just wondering if anybody has any suggestions about some good meals or snacks with some protein that would really stick with me through the night. I'm already drinking my casein shake, but just wanted to maybe add a little bit more into my diet before bed. Thanks.

  2. I am eating now 2 pieces of wheat bread with about 20 pieces of turkey in it and a banana. Then in an hour I have 1.5 scoops of a whey/casien blend. 2 grams of fish oil and a glass of water.

  3. I usually cook 3 eggs over easy before bed. Just do.

  4. Nothing wrong with a nice steak before bed.

  5. casein all the way for bulking

  6. ice cream!!

  7. I prefer to throw 4 doublestacks in the blender with some whole milk and then i drink half and snort the rest... Just playing in all seriousness, before bed your going to want casien protein to remain in anabolism, and monounsaturated fat + saturated fat to slow gastric emptying and enhance your nighttime testosterone secretion. I'd advice a bowl of cottage cheese and 30 almonds. 25 grams of protein or so and a quality healthy snack to give you that nighttime anabolism we all need to hold onto that precious muscle.

  8. Wow, thanks guys! All this helped me out alot. I really appreciate it. But are you being serious about the ice cream? lol

  9. Personally, I'd avoid carbs for the most part. Some things I really like are,

    2 String Cheeses, 8 grams of fat total and 16 grams of protein

    My favorite nighttime shake is,

    1 Cup Fat Free No sugar added walmart vanilla ice cream
    1.5 Cups Skim Milk
    2 tbsp natty peanut butter
    2 Scoops choco protein powder
    Enough ice to make it real thick.

    Love it!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  10. Yogurt.

  11. Cottage cheese with fresh fruit is perfect; I usually eat between 12oz and 16oz before bed. However, if you like to indulge a little then try this: get some chocolate ice cream (or frozen yogurt), toss in a couple scoops of peanut butter, and cut up one whole banana. It's amazing. Wash it down with a big glass of milk and you'll be loving life...
    -- JB \m/
    "There is no point in being alive if you cannot do the deadlift." - Jon Pall Sigmarsson

  12. Quote Originally Posted by RcMonahan View Post
    Wow, thanks guys! All this helped me out alot. I really appreciate it. But are you being serious about the ice cream? lol
    it helps lol say sometimes in the morning if im gonna bench heavy ill have my egg whites with toast and a shake (fruit punch with water) and to add calories have a scoop of icecream

  13. Casein Sludge!

    1.5 scoops XF UP 2.0 Vanilla
    3 T. PB
    Couple tablespoons Greek Yogurt

    Freezer for 20 mins.


  14. 2 scoops whey shake with whole milk.. 2tbs natty PB is what i do.. cut carbs off after 7
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.

  15. GO WITH greek yougurt with some honey drizzled on it for the win

  16. I vary from night to night. BUT tonight i'm having mashed potatoes and beef tips mmmmMMMMMMM!!!


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