Post ACL Surgery tips and advice please?

  1. Post ACL Surgery tips and advice please?

    Hey everyone,

    I've decided to have surgery to get my ACL fixed. Im really really bummed out. I have a few questions and am super thankful for your guys tips and advice.

    i understand the recover will be around 6 months long. the doctor said i can lift upperbody after the first week of surgery. Does any one have any idea how long it will be til ill be able to do lower body stuff (squats, lunges)? And hows the pain after the surgery? Im really worried that i will lose a lot of muscle and gain fat...

    Thanks guys

  2. I'm thinkin your body will be able to give you a better answer than we can. Guage it off how you feel along with your doctors advice. Last thing you want to do is re-injure yourself and be out even longer.

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