Lose It! Iphone App

  1. Lose It! Iphone App

    Just found this really cool Iphone app called "Lose It!"
    Completely free and it keeps track of all your cals, protein, carbs, sat fats, sugars, you name it. Also has a goal tracker and other things. It's kinda geared for people losing weight and tracking cals but with a few tweaks in the options to track the other aspects of food I'm now going to be use it to track my lifting diets! It has tons of foods programmed into it already and you can add your own. Great tool to track you average intakes over the weeks, months, cycles.. lol. Let me know what y'all think.

    Hopefully this isn't redundant and its already on AM somewhere, just trying to help.

  2. cool, another good one that I'm using for free is 'myfitnesspal' does a similar thing, although it constantly tells me im over my protein intake but I use it for just checking grams of p/c/f as well as cals so its helping loads with that!

  3. That iPhone app is very helpful, maybe I'll give it a try as well just to keep track of everything. Thanks for the information.

  4. Yep I use it everday. It is great for tracking your cals and making sure you PFC is corect.

  5. Love it! I use that and iFitness every day

  6. I use loose it every day. Great app. Tells me I eat to much though. My diet has been on point and life easy since I found it.


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