Elbow Pain

  1. Elbow Pain

    I have had some sharp pain in my elbow for the last few months. I went to the doctor when it first happened and he said it was from leaning on it to much because I have a desk job. So I stopped working out for 2 months seemed to help but its back now. Does anyone know what it is. I'm hoping I don't need any kind of elbow surgery.

  2. Right on the tip of the elbow? (The Olecranon).

    You've probably irritated the bursa (sac of fluid that protects the inside of the skin from the bone etc.).

    One of mine inflamed and the doctor said it was off leaning ("Student's Elbow", "Drinker's Elbow" etc.) but I hadn't lent on my elbow for months due to another problem with it that did require surgery. The surgeon told me that they can inflame for other reasons (I was getting worried thinking that my elbow problems were linked but they weren't).

    Doctors seem a bit reluctant to remove or drain bursae, you can grow a new one if it is removed (would that be reimbursement? ). Bursae (I think that's a proper word!) are susceptible to infection so they leave them alone.

    Mine took a few months to settle down. Sometimes it felt like I had a bit of gravel in my elbow. Do you have a bump there?

  3. My doctor also told me it was the sac of fluid in my elbow or something along those lines. Im going to see my doctor again in a week. I hope I dont need any surgery. Did you take time off the gym when that happened?? Was the surgery painfull??

  4. So it looks like I'm going to need a cortisone shot...Went to my doctor yesterday, he did some x-rays and said thats most likely what is going to have to happen. He is going to show them to the specialist first to be sure. But more than likely thats the case. Really not looking forward to this. Has anyone out there had a cortisone shot before??

  5. I didn't need surgery on the bursa, the operation was for something else .

    I was taking time off the gym at the time due to my other elbow issue but when I started training again, the bursa inflammation went down more quickly (maybe a coincidence).

    Have you tried a light bandage to compress it a little?

    Sometimes they drain them but as they can get infected some doctors like them to get better naturally.

    I wasn't really in that much pain with mine, only now and then.

  6. Yes mine isn't terrible pain, more of an irritating pain. I will try the light bandage thing for sure. I definitly don't want a cortisone shot. From what I read thats only a temporary fix.

  7. Time off IMO.

  8. I'm taking Cissus for my shoulder pains which seems te be working quite nicely..
    Just noticed a sharp pain in my left elbow while performing lat pulldowns with more weight than I've been able to do the last couple of years because of my shoulder-pain.
    Hoping it does not develop into something serious..

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Exposure View Post
    Time off IMO.

    Tried that for 2 months dude and it did nothihg.


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