has anybody tried this whey?

  1. has anybody tried this whey?

    has anybody used buybulkwhey.com: Bulk Whey Protein Powder on sale!
    If yes how is their way compared to Optimum nutrition whey? taste and quality wise?

  2. I bought 10 lbs of the unflavored a couple months ago. I have gone through a bit more than half of it. I really like it. It can be mixed with anything. With just water or milk it is definatley drinkable, but I wouldn't call it tasty either. Then again the atificial sweeteners in most protein blends get boring to me anyway. With juice, gatorade, or chocolate milk it tastes absolutely fine. What impresses me the most is how easy it mixes. I love making weight gainers using this whey along with banana, PB, and hershey lite syrup. As long as the prices are good, I'll be a repeat customer.

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