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    Mice fed high soy diets had comparatively lower testosterone levels and higher numbers of Leydig cells per testis.


    Studies conclude that reduction in dietary fat intake (and increase in fiber) results in 12% consistent lowering of circulating androgen levels without changing the clearance.


    Plasma levels of testosterone and estradiol-17 beta were significantly lower in the SV Seventh - day Adventist vegetarian than in the omnivores. Additionally, the plasma levels of testosterone and estradiol-17 beta of the combined groups (SV, SNV, and NV) revealed a significant negative relationship with their crude and dietary fiber intakes.


    One study found that a subset of people get a small increase in testosterone even when intoxicated. Unfortunately for the rest of us, there is up to a 44% decrease in testosterone after five drinks. If you’re an overachiever, go full bore: Chronic alcohol consumption has a detrimental effect on male reproductive hormones and on semen quality. It seems that alcohol has this effect by promoting the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.


    All it takes is one joint to depress testosterone in the short-term. If illegal drugs aren’t your cup of tea, you can just resort to cigarettes. The toxic effects of cigarettes directly affect the Leydig cells, those responsible for creating testosterone, resulting in decreases in plasma testosterone.


    Results indicate that overtraining reduces testosterone levels, which is highly correlated with an increase in levels of cortisol.”


    Increased cortisol (and in fact, all glucocorticoids) brings with it decreased testosterone


    Based on bivariate correlation and multiple linear regression analyses, the amount of nighttime sleep measured by polysomnography independently predicted the morning total and free testosterone levels.

    Medical data compiled by

  2. nice post.

  3. Good thing I avoid all that stuff. Good post!

  4. Stress and lack of sleep are my main issues.
    But when I leave this normal job and get my own thing going, those will be eliminated too.
    Excellent post.
    "I don't want anything. I don't want anybody. That's the worst part. When the want goes, that's bad."
    (Doug Stanhope as Eddie on Louie)

  5. u should of listed crazy x gfs lol



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