messed up my hand

  1. messed up my hand

    About 3-4 weeks ago I punched a guy and immediately afterwards I had ice on it for a long time. Well it hasn't gotten better. I hit it right on the pinky knuckle, and the outside of my hand is visibly swollen compared to my left hand. However It does not effect me in lifting, the only time i ever get any pain in lifting is on a certain variation of a curl with a twist at the end. Otherwise it only hurts when I squeeze my fists without a dumbell in it, or if I bump it wrong. Is their a chance it could be broken? I am hesitant to go to a doctor because I fear they will tell me to take a week or more off of lifting, which I wouldn't do because it isn't that big of an inconvenience. as of now.

  2. Go to the doctor. It's not like they can force you to not lift, unless they put it in a cast or something. Still, go to the doctor.

  3. You need to go to the doctor, and if he says to take a time off lifting just use some kind of strap that you can do some kind of resistance training.

  4. boxers fracture

  5. yea I broke my pinky knuckle doing the same thing. now I cant straighten my finger 100%. most likely not broken if it hasnt changed color, but could be a little fracture. If its not hurting really bad id say you are fine.

  6. I had something similar a couple years ago and just went straight to get it checked out the next day and LUCKILY it was only really swollen/bruised but I got a call back the week after saying they had reviewed x-rays and there may have been a tiny stress fracture but turned out to be nothing as I had at that point been lifting for 2 weeks/playing guitar without any problems so whatever it was healed or wasn't a major problem! Its so easy to **** your hands up punching things/people - face palm for the win! ha just get it checked dude.

  7. Does it look like this? It's broke more than likely. Get it xrayed and see if anything needs to be set. It needs to immobilized so it can heal as best as possible.

    I lifted for a couple months with a cast, just using machines that I pushed against. Didn't hold weights in my hand though. Used Hammer strength machines and could do some lat pull downs as well, but tried hard not to overdo it. My Ortho didn't like it very much, but I payed her for an extra cast just to make sure I didn't mess it up more than necessary.


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