Quinoa in Microwave?

  1. Quinoa in Microwave?

    Can you cook quinoa in the microwave? i've never cooked it either way, just bought my first bag from costco......does it only cook well on the stovetop?

  2. i tried cooking in the microwave and it didnt end well. Its better on the stove IMO, but maybe if you cooked it on like 60% power for a long time with plastic wrap with holes in it to keep some steam in it could work. but if you can cook it on the stove do so.

  3. maybe i'll try cooking it tonight then putting it in a gladware holder then re-heating it the next morning at work. i would like to eat it after working out in the morning at work......that should be fine

  4. yeah if u do that itll be good i do that all the time and take some with me to school, just make sure not to over cook it because it can get too soft and then when u reheat it , its like mushy. or at least that happened to me a few times

  5. I cook it in the microwave all the time..It might depend on the power of your microwave but I put either 1/2 or 1/3 of a cup in a bowl with double that amount of water and then put it in for 4 minutes, stir for a few seconds, and then another 2 minutes in the microwave and it comes out fine.

  6. hmmm, well i made a cup last night on the stove and just threw it in a container. but after that is gone i think i'll give it a shot. is there anything that i could add to it? it's kind of bland

  7. I was doing some searching about quinoa myself and came upon a thread here at AM. I can't post threads yet though...I'm almost there.


    I read about letting it soak before you cook it and rinsing it off really well afterwards.

    To spice it up, I have done just that; add spices. It's a damn good carb for sure.


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