Im in college. Im 20 yrs old and trying to get shredded without having to lean toward a fat burner or juice. This is my meal plan for the next couple of weeks. Is it sufficient enough as far as nutrition part?

Morning Workout: 6am
*Run 1 mile
*Ab circuit
*100 push up
Breakfast: 730am
*10 Egg Whites
*2 glass water
*1 slice wheat bread
*1 piece chicken
*1 yogurt
*1 Fruit
*1 fruit juice (cranberry/orange)
Mid-Morning Snack: 10am
*1 Sun chip
*1 bottle water
Lunch: 12pm
*Subway Chicken---
*1 bottle water---
*1 Sun chip bag---
Afternoon Snack: 3pm
*1 Chicken breast
*Side rice
*1 fruit juice (cranberry/orange)
*Protein Shake
Workout: 3:30
Dinner: 6pm
*2 Chicken breast
*1 Salad
*Protein Shake
Before Sleep: 10pm
*1 Protein shake
*Finish gallon water