Custom Protein MIX!

  1. Custom Protein MIX!

    True Protein | High Quality Nutrition and Protein Supplements

    heres the link what do you all think of this???

    or do you think your just better off buying some stuff and GNC.?

  2. wow that's cool lol Just playing with it all and what not....

    I am going to bookmark it and might give it a try pretty soon since I am almost out of protein....


  3. i cant believe nobody else seems to be too interested in this., maybe they already know?

  4. Lotta people know but its kinda cool / fun to see how much you can add and what not.

    Id reccomend choco coconut as a flavor, or as weird / gross as it sounds.... orange
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  5. True Protein Rocks! Just got some choc in a couple weeks ago. Definitely good value. They also have a "recession whey" that is plain for like $4.50/lb in 25 or 50lb quantities. You can get a variety of flavor packs to mix different flavors with each serving.

    If you go to "" members have coupon codes in their signatures to give you 5% off as well.

  6. At one point I used to order milk protein isolate with psyllium husk and a couple other things (can't remember the exact mix now) from them to use as a light meal replacement that still felt filling.

  7. i think its pretty cool but should let you make it more customizable, like exact protein, carbs,cal,and stuff.


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