1. Unhappy HELP-GYNO,1ST TIME (No Roids)

    Iv'e been out of training for the past year or so due to illness but like an idiot kept on eating like a champ..I ended up putting between 15-24lbs on,obvously fat.Anyway about 2months ago i started noticing really painful breast,especially round the nipples,i havn't got the "Bitch Tit's" ,well no more than i deserve with the weight gain the troubles with the nipple area,they seem to have swollen,look bruised,get REALLY painful in the night and both of them seem to have hard lumps underneath.Iv'e never had any trouble like this before,never really done steroids apart from a 4months course about 10 years back so what the hell is going on?? I put off going to my Doc's cos i just thought it would go but if anything it's getting worse,plus i have a real phobia about blood tests.
    What im asking is what the hell causes this in the 1st place ?? What should i do ?? Is the Doc's the only option ?? What meds etc do they give out for it (if any) or is it surgery ?? And im i turning into a bitch lol??
    As you can tell this really freaking me out so any help would be very much appreciated cheers guys..

  2. I would go to the doctor, it's possible that your testosterone levels have dropped, so you will want to have the doc get that tested. Yes that means a blood test.

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