low gluten for the rest of us

  1. low gluten for the rest of us

    People with real gluten allergies will obviously benefit from a gluten free diet, but what about the rest of us? Has anyone noticed a benefit from this diet, who didn't already have a serious gluten problem?

  2. i personally havent felt as bloated,

    i keep my grains to quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, farina, gets boring at times and buckwheat is hard to flavor, but i has worked well for me

  3. Do you think it could just be the fiber though?

  4. how do those grains compare to oats in terms of energy/GI?

  5. theyre all low GI grain some with complete protein. To the op I tried no gluten and now i use straight wheat gluten to make low carb high protein meals and I havent noticed a difference

  6. I've been zero carbing it for a few months and every time I do this I notice that I'm no longer lactose intolerant, no acid reflux, no bloating, etc. Then I read an article about gluten allergies and realized all of those things I used to experience are symptoms. I'm gonna try to avoid gluten for the most part because I feel great but I also know that it's not realistic (for me) to stay away from it forever.


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