Black Oil

  1. Black Oil

    Ordered some Black Curmin oil today, pretty amazing claims going back thousands of years. Going to check it out for my UC issues.

    Anybody ever use this stuff ?

  2. Never heard of it but my wife has UC as well. I'd like to hear of your experiences when you try it.

  3. I also picked up 'Sea Buckthorn' used in Europe for UC type issues. I am off all meds and so far these items are the bomb after research and personal testing in order of effectiveness

    Psyllium Seed Powder ( this is not HUSK, proven to boost butryate levesl 46% )
    VSL#3DS probiotic ( prescription 'medical food' )
    Salmon ( whole foods grills the best, most moist and most effective )
    Virgin Coconut Oil ( hexheimer die-off reaction lasted one week )
    Plain yogurt with honey and ON natural vanilla protein
    Testosterone for Men anyway ( suppress immune killer T-cells )

    New candidates
    -Sea Buckthorn
    -Black Oil

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