Stomach Virus = loss of gains?

  1. Stomach Virus = loss of gains?

    I came down with a stomach virus this last Wednesday night. Pretty much didn't eat anything for 48 hours, and am only recovering today. My muscles feel rubbery and look less full in the mirror. Also, I weigh about 10lbs less, though this may be attributed to dehydration.

    Will this reverse once I'm fully well and eating right again? I hate to even think that two and a half days of sickness would cause any muscle loss.

  2. I had the same stomach virus about two weeks ago; it was a pain.

    First thing is first: allow your body about a week to recuperate. Right now you have been at a loss of calories and essential water and are nowhere near recuperated enough to begin forcing your body to do the extra work; it is still fighting off the infection.

    The stomach virus may be eliminated within a 48-72 hour period, but it takes about a week or more for the body to recuperate and regain its full potential.
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  3. a large amount of the flatness and rubberyness is from the dehydration and glycogen depletion. odds of anything over a pound of muscle loss in that time is quite slim

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