I`d like some opinions on juicers.

  1. I`d like some opinions on juicers.

    Any of you use them? I`m mainly interested in the kind that use the entire fruit. Any info/opinions will be greatly appreciated.


  2. Jack LaLannes power juicer is pretty good.


  3. I cought the last 5 minutes of an infomercial for a Montel Williams juicer. He was just the endorser, not the product company. But it looked awesome. Whole apples and carrots pulverized. LOL It even killed some asphault!!!!

  4. Anyone else?

  5. When you said juicers, I thought you ment dudes on steriods. I realized I had been mistaken when you mentioned fruit.

  6. I remember seeing that skit .. funny

  7. You don't want a juicer. A juicer doesn't use the whole fruit.

    What you want is a really good blender and for what you want there are only 2 brands to consider. BlendTec and VitaMix.

    I own a VitaMix and absolutely love it. It was hard to justify spending $400 on a blender but it is rock solid and will be the last blender you every buy. I've wasted money on cheaper $80 blenders that don't do half as good a job and break in a few months.


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