getting to single digit bf%

  1. getting to single digit bf%

    I am currently at 12% bf and wanting to bring it down to 9 or 8% by late march for spring break and make my abs more visable. I lift 4 days a week and run 5 days a week roughly 30 miles. I know diet is extremely important however i am a little confused how to eat. Do i cut out all my fat and carbs or limit my fat intake and only eating whole grain carbs? Im 6'1 187lbs what should my daily fat and carb amount should be? I am thankful for any diet advice or training help.

    mon&Thrus- chest 12 sets shoulders 9 sets, triceps 9 sets and 120 reps of mixed ab movements

    Tues&Fri- Back 9 sets, bi's 9 sets and 120 reps of mixed ab movements.

    i dont train my legs because of the all the running i do during the week

  2. Do ur cardio after u train... not right after but if u lift in the morning do cardio in the afternoon or night.. Diet wise u need fats. eat clean and an easy way to maybe burn a little extra would be to take some fish oil. There are a couple different kinds of diets u could try> keto diet which is high (good) fats and high protein. Im assuming u know what this is. or u could try high carb and high protein but slow down the carb intake after a certain time in the day. the most important thing for either one is to keep the protein up because believe it or not it speeds up metabolism, builds muscle which allows u to burn more cals, and helps with carb and fat metabolism

  3. great thanks for the information man will use it.. Reps

  4. another thing u could try is switch up ur cardio.. like do sprints 40's 100's 200's. gets u crazy shredded.. ur prolly use to running thirty miles. u gotta keep ur body guesin and gettin it sore

  5. I wouldn't be skipping legs. Doing squats increases test production. Please don't skip legs.

  6. honestly just take what you eat now and drop it 200 calories a day for a while

  7. i was thinking about changing up my cardio.. i lift 4 days a week in the night, im going to start running 5 20 yd sprints, 5 50 yd sprint and 5 100 yd sprints in the morning before my classes and on off days run 6 miles.. another question is i usually eat 8 egg whites for breakfast with a slice of kraft singles in the mix.. should i cut the kraft single out? i eat usually 1 can of tuna with 2 slices of whole wheat bread twice a day.. protien shake and whatever my mom makes for dinner on top of that


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