Best COMPLEX postworkout Carbs?

  1. Question Best COMPLEX postworkout Carbs?

    As I have experiemented with different CHOs post-workout, I have found that my body just doesn't respond like I would like it to when consuming simple CHOs post workout. Some pretty experienced fitness professionals have recommended white rice, dates, or no sugar added dried apricots for complex CHOs post workout.... however, i was always under the impression that fruit - dates and apricots - where made up of mostly fructose which is slower digesting and not good for spiking insulin.. could anyone shed light on either of these 3 listed above complex CHO's or other recommendations for postworkout?????

  2. If you are really looking for complex carbs postworkout, I would recommend the following (in no particular order):

    1. Oatmeal
    2. Brown Rice
    3. Rice Cakes
    4. Ezekiel bread
    5. Yams/Sweet Potato


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